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Our Mission

To serve, build and strengthen the Latino community through improved health and wellness.

About Careington International Corporation

Careington International Corporation is a leading provider of discount programs for health care, wellness, financial and lifestyle services. As the owner of one of the largest independent dental networks in the country, Careington offers some of the deepest discounts and is one of the most recognized health savings plan administrators in the nation.

Best-in-class products, flexibility and customization in product packaging and administration, adaptable internal resources, exceptional client management and superior customer service are the hallmarks of Careington's capabilities. Custom solutions provide an innovative and creative way to assist customers. With more than 150 unique products in its portfolio, you can be sure Careington has the product to complement any package or stand on its own as an attractive, affordable solution. Each and every product offered delivers industry-leading network access and significant savings.

About CareingtonLatino

CareingtonLatino is a corporate initiative to help the Latino community obtain affordable access to care and maintain health and wellness. We market discount health care, wellness, lifestyle and financial products and services directly to individual consumers as well as small and large companies in the Hispanic market.

We saw opportunities that were being missed to help the Latino community obtain the care they needed when it came to health and wellness. We knew tailoring plans that cater and speak to Hispanics on a more personal level would be the most helpful, and with Careington's own network and extensive product portfolio, it was very possible.

CareingtonLatino features health and wellness plans that are easily accessible, affordable and cover everyone in the family! And most importantly, we believe they will help the Latino community save on the services most important and necessary to them.